Month: September 2018

We just bought this house and we plan to reno the kitchen asap. Unsure of if we should get custom cabinets and countertops or go with ikea. Who has done ikea and has it lasted/worked well? Is it worth the time? We also would have an 8 hour drive to pick up the supplies from ikea.

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We didn’t use Ikea in our kitchen, but we did use an Ikea vanity and linen closet in our bathroom. The cabinets have held up well and we have no complaints.

How big is too big for wall art?

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I think it’ll be fine.

What color to paint this office? It’s a north-facing room with one window that needs to be covered (right at entrance walkway). I can’t stand the terracotta color but at a loss for what else. Furniture is to be ordered so can go white, brown or black.

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As many suggested to go with grey, I think you indeed should go with a little gray in your white. But very very subtle. So subtle that if you look at the color cards for white in first glance they all look alike, until you see one that’s slightly more grey! But whatever color you […]

I don’t ever use the nook and don’t have enough cabinet space. (Utilities are through a slab foundation.) What can be done?

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Very important: electrical breaker box is in the nook close to the door (worst place… but the house had an addition added at minimal cost and was left with a tiny family kitchen)

Monochromatic tiny living room

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Who makes it?? So chic!

Night mood… #kitchen #bedroom #bedroom #livingroom #homedecoration #bathroom #bedroomdecor #decor

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looks nice: dual wood-tones, neutral everything else, with small splashes of color (plant, pillow). But I don’t get your hashtags… I don’t see how this fits a kitchen either.

Finished a DIY renovation of our little bathroom. Thought you guys might like it! (More pics in the comments)

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It looks great! You did a wonderful job. Very creative, lovely, and put together.

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