Advice on best way to display or wall mount decorative mini flag souvenirs?

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I like to collect a mini flag for each country I’ve visited, that you can see on top of my book shelf at the top right of the picture. I’m thinking of mounting them on the wall, and would like advice on how best to do that. My idea is something like [this sketch](, though not necessarily in that location. I’m looking for advice on the specifics of implementing such a wall mount.

* Does it look out-of-place to have a (wood?) board that’s off-set from the ceiling by just a foot or so?
* Anybody have any suggestions on how to actually make this board with holes that are at an angle and all precise with each other?
* Should the board be dark or black, or would that be too contrasting from the wall color?
* I’d like to have enough room to add more flags as I visit more countries. Do you think the staggered approach on the right looks good, and not too cluttered?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.