Need help laying out basement remodel

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I was thinking they could be windows when you put a bath Infront of one in a plan, so that makes sense.

Yeah I’d seen similar issues tbh. I think with the office/bedroom you could do them all as one room that’s multifunctional or as 2 rooms, depends how you would use them I think. You could look into a desk that can double as a window seat area for when the rooms in use as a bedroom possibly. (If you go for two small rooms -and just in general with this plan- you might need to look at the room within a room fire safety laws for your area if you’ve got them – if you can exit the rooms from the window in an emergency you should be fine thouhh).

Another thought I’ve had since my other comment: as a compromise on moving the bathroom you could move only the shower/bath at the top either to the bottom of the bathroom – you’d loose space at the bottom of the plan but open up the sticking out bit a bit more and effectively shift the bathroom downwards while only moving one plumbed in thing, the more awkward space on the bottom left of the plan you’d end up with could work well for storage or laundry room still I think. Or you could put a shower in the square to the right of the bathroom underneath the boiler room and effectively make your bathroom longer and thinner. Unfortunately if you can’t move the top boiler room wall the entrance to this bit isn’t any wider (so you can’t do a corridor to a bedroom past an office for example) but it would make the room itself bigger.

Yeah I’d also thought this was going to be a very large space (unless you have a very very large family). Storage is a good shout particularly if you currently use the basement for storage because you’ll loose that – and you definitely have the space for it. I think your options are: making the bar area bigger or into more of a bar/dining area, really commuting to it being a cinema (it’s probably still a lot of space) or putting something else down there to create another space in addition to seating area – sort of depends what you’re into if anyone in your family plays large instruments you could set up for that for example or for craft/workshop if anyone does that, more generally a pool/table tennis/games/etc table would fit with both family room and bar. Because it’s a basement and presumably doesn’t get a lot of light I’d try and keep it as open as possible and divide up with furniture placement and rugs as a first thought but if it’s just too big some partial walls might be good if you like the semi-open plan look