New house .. struggling with room design for two kids. You all helped so much with the living room layout that I’m hoping you can also provide some inspiration for this bedroom. Crib, dresser, twin bed, and room to play. Ideas for layout? How to make it cozier?

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I’d get a bigger rug so they have a soft surface to play on- ikea has some cute ones. Get some frames for animal prints or have your kids do some painting and get those framed. If you have the money, get a bed with drawers for storage of toys- if not, get some bins that can slide in and out from under the existing bed. If you have time to paint I would do that too to add colour- maybe get your kids to agree on a colour for the room and you can even paint the white furniture. I really like the light mint with pops of coral colour. I don’t know how you feel about those light projectors but they look neat.