Replacing this couch for my godmothers birthday. Has to match the lavender color scheme and needs to be cheap, quality, and comfortable. Looking for suggestions. (Dog included for upvotes)

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Imagine that cheap, quality and comfortable are circles of a Venn diagram. The only issue with this diagram is that there is no trifecta.

You can have cheap and quality, but it’ll be hella uncomfortable, and probably on sale because no one wants an uncomfortable sofa.

You can also have quality and comfortable, but that shit ain’t cheap. You’re going to pay good money for a good sofa.

Finally you can have comfortable and cheap, but that sofa’s gonna last no more than 5 years, I promise. For example, my friends bought a cheap, yet comfortable, sofa at the brick, and only 3 months later the seams were getting undone.

Sorry to be the asshole that had to tell you.

I personally bought a 1800$ sofa, because I wanted comfortable and quality. Cheap shit don’t cut it.